This is six

We were preparing for a new baby. We had no idea what that meant for Alyssa. I tried to explain and we had no idea what or if she understood.

We knew we had to find away to keep the baby safe. Alyssa had a lot less agressions but the tendencies were still there. She could also flop, kick or scream in a moments notice and could Inadvertently hurt a baby.

Would she be jealous? Annoyed by the cries? Try to hurt the baby? It was so nerve wracking. Alyssa was six when her sister was born. She had calmed considerably, but still needed to be supervised at all times. It was almost if she were still in that toddler stage.

We set up a playpen and put the bouncy chair in it, so there would be no accidental mishaps. Alyssa examined every baby item that came into the house,from binkies to baby chairs. We just allowed it. Whatever would make her more comfortable,and adjust to the baby.

She was queen of the house for a long time and I didn’t think she was ready to share that role anytime soon.

Kierra was born and came tumbling into this world. A beautiful, perfect baby. We were over the moon on love and we would find a way to make it work.

When Kierra was a new born I got up one Saturday morning and Alyssa was up before me which is rare. She covered the kitchen in flour. It was everywhere. Another time she snuck into the
Basement got into a can of paint stepped in it and make bright blue foot prints every where. It was all over the tile floor and there are still very faint smears of blue there.

I couldn’t believe she did that. Was this her acting out? So hard to say. I later realized this was on an episode of teletubbies.

Alyssa completely ignored her sister. She would give her a side glance here and there but barely acknowledged her. We didn’t push it. We would let her do it on her own time. She would watch me change her and feed her but then she would go about her business. It was almost as if she was allowing it but not participating.

She still wasn’t talking,but she was becoming easier to handle. Her behaviors were still there but not as intense or frequent. We were hoping the baby didn’t send her into a regression and so far it hasn’t. She was adjusting well.

She was still sensory driven and fast. She still loved the tub and she was sneaky. No fear or understanding of danger. She was continuing to make progress, and that it was mattered.


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