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Silent strength

Young love , there’s nothing like it . You live in this bubble of hope. You make plans for the future and wonder about what your life together will bring. You dream about where you will live , how many children you will have, what vacations you will take. You look forward to a happy … Read more Silent strength

Looking away from the darkness

I am tired  No not tired I am mentally exhausted  I am going to a dark place and I can feel it happening and feel powerless to stop it  I am tired of being knocked down by autism  Not autism itself but by the effects of it  When I feel like I have accepted it … Read more Looking away from the darkness

My forever Valentine

It seems like a million years , it surely has to a lifetime ago when we first met .  I was just a teenager but I had lived some life already  I was babysitting for a mutual friend .A house that was a hangout , a gathering of all the wanderers at different times.  A … Read more My forever Valentine

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