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After a really hard day , I decided to bring Alyssa to the table and do an activity . Sometimes it helps calm her . We had a toy we had never used before , it was acorns from A-Z and it comes with little figures that can go inside the acorns . The elephant…


The rigidity is so hard . Sometimes I think it’s the hardest part but I feel like I say that about everything. The screaming , the need to control everything in house is so much sometimes . I can’t let her have her way everytime . But the screaming and the crying , the throwing…

Never give up

fb.watch/futkGUpmaB/ This girl never ceases to amaze me ! Everytime this disorder has me feeling defeated , she brings me back with something unexpected . She reminds me why I have to always keep pushing . Alyssa is non verbal . We were told she would never talk or be able to understand . I…

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