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My forever Valentine

It seems like a million years , it surely has to a lifetime ago when we first met .  I was just a teenager but I had lived some life already  I was babysitting for a mutual friend .A house that was a hangout , a gathering of all the wanderers at different times.  A … Read more My forever Valentine

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love  Dear papa,  I knew you loved  me from the minute you held me. You are very big , Larger than life my mama says and your voice is gruff , some may even say you look intimidating but not me .  I knew you would be wrapped around my finger even then. When … Read more Unconditional Love


In honor of mental health awareness I started writing this on Christmas Eve and never finished it . It is more vulnerable and raw then what I normally post but it’s important to talk about it At times I feel disconnected Disconnected from family Disconnected from my husband , my own children I love them … Read more Disconnected

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