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Depression is being sad for no reason. It’s feeling exhausted from nothing It’s trying to muster a smile but you feel dead inside. It’s hating yourself for feeling this way It’s putting one foot in front of the other while being so overwhelmed about they way you feel It’s screaming inside for the feelings to … Read more Depression

Strength not weakness

Mental health struggles are real and can be dark You can lose your ability to cope and even to care It is can push you to the point that you can barely get out of bed , or shower. It can literally paralyze you. Except when your a mom, especially a mom to a child … Read more Strength not weakness

Silent strength

Young love , there’s nothing like it . You live in this bubble of hope. You make plans for the future and wonder about what your life together will bring. You dream about where you will live , how many children you will have, what vacations you will take. You look forward to a happy … Read more Silent strength

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