This is 7

I never understood the expression one step forward two steps back the way I do know.

Regression is so hard. You are finally coasting along and Boom it feels like the wheels start backsliding and you are powerless to switch directions.

Aggression is a so difficult. It’s so hard to pin point the trigger if there is even one that has any rhyme or reason.

When Alyssa turned 7 she was finally settling into autism. I wouldn’t say it was easy but we had easy days. I manage to keep three kids alive for a year.

It was like a switch went off and Alyssa’s aggression came back, and this time it wasn’t just our family but it was other kids in the community.

She would also push her sister who was one now and if she walked near her she would push her down. We had To be careful, she didn’t hurt her accidentally.

The thing was it seemed completely random. At times she was fine and other times she would dart out completely unexpectedly and lash out at another child for what appeared to be no reason.

It happened on vacation, at the beach and at a the park. we had her teachers trying to help figure out the trigger.

She was having a hard timeadjusting to her sister. A baby was one thing but a walking,bossy toddler touching her stuff was another thing all together.

Things were going so well and well that’s autism. There is always an unexpected twist brewing. It could be a good twist or a difficult one.

It was an very stressful time.

It turned out her trigger was anytime a child whined or cried. Once we figured that out it was easier to predict and intervene. The cries triggered her because they reminded her of her sister who she wasn’t a fan of. She was in that stage and was a walking whining invasive little thing.

Eventually this stage passed and we could finally breath. Don’t worry Kierra was relentless know amount of pushing or screaming imitated her. She was determined to be in her big sisters orbit.

Alyssa wasn’t ready quite yet, but you couldn’t see her slowly allowing her into her world. Anytime she Kierra was near her she was allowing it.

She didn’t know quite what to make of this new version of the baby who didn’t move or touch her things.

Alyssa in general was getting into
A groove. School was going well and she still seeked sensory but not as much. She was able to regulate herself more. Did I mention how cute she was. 7 was a bumpy year but we got through it.

Alyssa age 7

Autism awareness day 7

autismawareness #autismsiblings #autism

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