Autism Adventures with Alyssa

Never give up This girl never ceases to amaze me ! Everytime this disorder has me feeling defeated , she brings me back with something unexpected . She reminds me why I have to always keep pushing . Alyssa is non verbal . We were told she would never talk or be able to understand . I … Read more Never give up

French fries This is when we drove to Florida a few weeks ago . This is a very recent word that she has been able to say . She is doing so great it’s almost hard to believe it . She has severe apraxia which makes it extremely difficult to make sounds never mind words . … Read more French fries

Letter to my mom

Dear Mom, I am sorry the end of your life has ended up the way that it has. It is not how I envisioned it and I’m sure not how you did either. No your not dying, not in the traditional sense but parts are you are long gone. I sometimes see little bits and … Read more Letter to my mom


Today is the anniversary of the ADA otherwise known as the Americans with disabilities act. This was signed into law in 1990,6 years before my daughter was born. A daughter that unknown to me at the time,would have a lifelong disability. I had no idea the services and accommodations she would need. Discrimination against individuals … Read more ADA

A moment of Love

Alyssa loves with her whole heart,but she hasn’t always been able to show it. Affection and touching is sometimes hard for. Having siblings helped open up her heart more. When Kierra came along she wasn’t too sure at first and was indifferent and then annoyed. Little by little she wormed her way into her heart. … Read more A moment of Love

The road less traveled

Earlier in my journey I would often wonder why,Why my daughter, our family?It seemed unjust,unfair, why did this happen to her. It didn’t make sense, when I looked around I saw other families and their children and everything looked different from ours. Easy, simple, typicalWe were anything but. We were loud, chaotic, and everything was … Read more The road less traveled

Her future

The future is so scary to think about. I try to focus on the here and now,what I can control. As I get older it becomes a more of a reality. My mom passed away recently, and my Dad 8 years ago. Ten years ago they were both vibrant and actively involved in our lives. … Read more Her future

Blissfully unaware

Autism is a tough road. It really is, so complicated and so hard in so many ways. From the day you hear the words, you are catapulted into an alternate reality. My daughter was diagnosed at 2 years old and it has been a long hard journey. The emotions that you feel as a mom … Read more Blissfully unaware


Autism and discipline is a sticky situation. Are all behaviors due to autism? No of course not. Is it easy to recognize the difference, No it is nearly impossible. It’s a very fine line. A therapist one told me after I said she can’t help it she has autism, she replied no she is three. … Read more Disipline

More than a milestone

She looked like a typical little girl, Bright curious eyes, adorable curls,a laugh that made you instantly smile. She loved water, spinning in circles and all things Barney. She loved dirt and rocks and playing with bubbles. She would swing on her belly for long periods of time. All these things didn’t seem that out … Read more More than a milestone


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