Autism Adventures with Alyssa

My forever Valentine

It seems like a million years , it surely has to a lifetime ago when we first met .  I was just a teenager but I had lived some life already  I was babysitting for a mutual friend .A house that was a hangout , a gathering of all the wanderers at different times.  A … Read more My forever Valentine

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love  Dear papa,  I knew you loved  me from the minute you held me. You are very big , Larger than life my mama says and your voice is gruff , some may even say you look intimidating but not me .  I knew you would be wrapped around my finger even then. When … Read more Unconditional Love


In honor of mental health awareness I started writing this on Christmas Eve and never finished it . It is more vulnerable and raw then what I normally post but it’s important to talk about it At times I feel disconnected Disconnected from family Disconnected from my husband , my own children I love them … Read more Disconnected

Grateful heart

Tonight I go to bed With a grateful heart . It has been a trying couple of weeks. Lots of behaviors have resurfaced , flipping , dropping , screaming and some aggression . While things can still be challenging at times, we have learned to navigate pretty well. We definitely still have episodes from time … Read more Grateful heart

Finding Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things that linger in your heart and float around your mind . It is always there but you don’t always acknowledge it. Being a special needs parent is difficult At times it feels like your life is so much harder than others around you . Things are never simple There … Read more Finding Gratitude

Early Communication

Communication When I look down at my daughter with bright green eyes and crazy curly hair , I feel like might heart could burst . At first glance she looks like a typical two year old bopping around the house with her Barney doll , or what ever item or toys she chooses today . … Read more Early Communication

Three simple words

I love you Three simple words Most of us throw them around Loosely Take them for granted We say them when we hang up the phone When a loved one leaves the house When we kiss our little one good night Sometimes out of habit It’s something a mother hears a million times over a … Read more Three simple words

Mask wearing

Alyssa did something unexpected. We running errands and she was getting crabby in the car It’s hard she is used to going places not just staying in the car . I really don’t want to bring her too many places plus there is no way she would wear a mask . I’d bet on it … Read more Mask wearing

My flower girl

When me and my husband got married Alyssa was 5 . She had gotten over the hump of the worst and most difficult times but was still pretty challenging . You never knew what could trigger a melt down , cause her to bolt or anything in between . But I really wanted her to … Read more My flower girl


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