Hi, Welcome to my blog ! My name is Kim I am a married and have four children, two teenagers, and two young adults. We live in Massachusettes ,where I run a daycare . I am an advocate for autism, my passion is spreading awareness , understanding , and acceptance . My daughter Alyssa, also know as Lulu has non verbal autism Welome to our crazy life ( we sometimes call ourselves the Griswalds) I share my daughter’s journey honestly and openly , talking about the rollercoaster of emotions we go through. I like to share the hard, the beauty, the joy and everything inbetween. I started this blog to gives others hope and inspiration and to educate others on what severe autism looks like . We try to find the joy and the humor in every situation , but also acknowledge heartache and the struggle.

Alyssa has made incredible progress over the last few years. She started saying words at the age of 21, after being completely non verbal her whole life . The transtion into adulthood was a little bumpy, with the loss of services and aging out of school,but she is still learning and suprising me all the time. There is always hope .

We are happy you are here ! Follow our journey whether you relate or are here to learn , we are happy to have you .

I love writing , drinking iced coffee, the beach , zooming with my friends , and spending time with my family

Autism , love , and chaos our life in a nutshell