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There is so much sadness and controversy going on in the special needs community this week . Parenting is hard , autism can be extremely hard , harder than you can imagine .

I won’t lie ; I have cried , screamed , I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore

I have been angry , frustrated and overwhelmed

I have wished things were different , felt resentful and even jealous

I have lost my temper , yelled at my daughter even swore

I have never wanted to hurt her ever

I would die to protect her

I would be livid if anyone ever hurt her

I would never send her away

I love her with every fiber of my being

I just don’t understand

I try to look at both sides I am actually really good at that . It drives my husband nuts .

I am an empath

I am tired of making excuses

There is no excuse

You have a phone use it

You have a car drive away or use your legs to walk away

This week alone we had a mother drown her non verbal autistic son

Attempted once and then tried again.

A special needs 4 year old was neglected and abused , blunt force trauma, her remains stuffed in a drawer .

A little boy was rehomed that’s the term they used after exploiting him for money and social media stardom . His needs were more than the adopted family bargained for . This is the least horrifying , Sadly

Does mental health , addiction , desperation play a role ? Absolutely

Does that excuse it ? No it does not

We need resources for special needs families

We need something in place that’s educates everyone on what to do and Who to call

We need a safe haven for individuals with disabilities.

We need social workers , respite , education and advocacy for all special needs caretakers

We need to stop justifying , we are becoming desensitized

Our children are not less worthy than other children . They need to be protected .


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