It just doesn’t get old ! I watch these videos over and over because I still can’t believe she can say words never mind a sentence .

I know she needs lot of modeling and promoting but she is starting to need less modeling . I do help her but she is getting it .

Lexi pulled out the last piece of cake and we were going to split it . Alyssa came out saw us and ran around the table saying mine mine mine ! We laughed

She came over and I said to you want a piece ? And she nodded and I said what do you say ?

I want eat cake

4 word !! 4 words first time ever and this was not modeled .

I tried to get her to do it again for the video , but she wouldn’t .

She’s like hello can I have my cake I’ve said it three times now .

The best part is her smile

She is so proud of herself

I think she surprises her self sometimes

I always give her praise because I know how hard it is for her and how long it’s taken her to be able to do this .

My hope is we can carry this skill over to other things .

She has said I want cake before but never eat she added that on her own .

This is a fairly new skill to be able to verbally request and she does need the prompt .

Never count this girl out .

We’ve heard a lot of nevers and she had surpassed so many of them .

I say never say never


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