Today Alyssa stayed home from school . She was super tired as her sleep had been off this week. She stayed home with her sister and when I got home I asked her how was school and she said good . Now normally she says yes to pretty much everything . She takes cues from your tone of voice , your facial expression and what’s going on around her . It’s pretty remarkable if you think about it . She understands more now but still loses a lot in translation . I asked her did you go to school and she said no !!! She never does this . You could ask her on the weekend and she will sign yes . I said where were you and she said home. 😮. And then I swear she said something like I stayed home like it was Blended together and really quick .. I couldn’t believe it . Me and the girls were on the way out the doors and it almost seemed like …. did that really just happen ???? 🤗🤗



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