The Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard 2008

We are going on vacation tomorrow . We are heading to Martha’s Vineyard and it will be interesting . Typically Alyssa does great on vacation . We are very blessed that way . Even though change is so hard for her , she thrives on vacations . Even when she was little and her behaviors were out of control she did remarkably well . She is not by the book that’s for sure . Don’t get me wrong it’s not without its bumps in the road . The hardest part doe her is the packing . She does not do well with that at all. She hates her stuff moved or touched . She tries to unpack as you pack . We try to be sneaky about it but she is too smart . She gets so upset !
It’s worth it when we get there and she is so happy being around everyone . Wish us luck !
Last time we were there đŸŒ¸

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