Having a child with Autism you go through so many emotions . It’s starts off with heartbreak , you go through phases of anger , sadness , helplessness , isolation, determination , and so many other conflicting feelings and emotions.

Eventually you come to acceptance or at least you think you do . Do I accept my daughter ? Yes 100 percent !

I love her unconditionally as I do all my children . She brings so much joy and happiness to my life . As much as I have accepted it , the feelings of hurt and sadness still creep in . It is in different ways now though . I worry about her being a burden on others . I don’t ever want her to feel that way .

I want her to always feel loved and wanted . Although her understanding is limited , she understands more than we think .
It breaks my heart to even think about it . I want her to always feel loved and wanted , and she will as long as I am breathing . I love you more than you’ll ever know ❤️❤️




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