Alyssa has always loved Barney . She still watches it . This Barney doll was the first item she was attached to , then baby bop got added and finally BJ. This was her first of many comfort items .

At times the items she choose seemed random and she always keep them in her pockets. She also always had crayons ;at all times she had crayons and crayon box . She would pick them up and let them roll out of her hands . She would do this over and over and over .

She would do it onto books and other items as well as the pencil box . Especially if she was anxious . It calmed her for some reason . She would also do it at night . I remember laying on the couch just listening to the sound . I don’t remember when it stopped but she did it for many years . She still does it but only occasionally So many different phases she has gone through .

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