The Family

This is us . Welcome to our crazy family !

Mom and Dad

We have been together for 28 years . We have four children, we live a crazy but love filled life. We always try to find the the humor through all the twists and turns life has thrown our way .

Kim and Neil


This is Neil Aka Dad. He is the glue that holds us together. He is strong and protective, and the fixer of everything. He makes the best meals. We drive him crazy! Alyssa is Daddy’s little girl. He loves his daughters like crazy, even when they make him crazy. He loves old cars, ufc, and yard sales.

Alexia 16

Lexi is the baby of the family. She is sarcastic and real. She lets she know what she thinks to a fault. She is loyal and loves fiercely. She has ADHD and struggles with school and thinking before she speaks 🙃. She is very maternal towards Alyssa and always makes sure she is included in everything . She has a big heart and can always make you laugh .

Kierra 18

Kierra is the princess of the family. Sandwiched in between a child with special needs and the youngest, we call her “a little extra”. She is the laid back one in the family. She always has a smile on her face and and is beautiful inside and out. She loves to dance and have fun and has always been Alyssa’s person. She a lwaysleads with love and kindness and you sometimes finding her hiding from the chaos curled up with a book. Her laugh will always make you smile because it is extra just like her.

Alyssa 24

Alyssa is the light of family . She is like a sunflower beautiful and bright . She’s sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. She was diagnosed with autism at the age 2 and has overcome so much. It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs her whole life , but we are grateful for all the joy she brings. She is truly the heart of our family leaving an imprint on each one of us in different ways. She is the inspiration for this page and we want to educate , inspire and spread awareness about autism and specifically the type of autism that lives in our household

Neil 27

Neil is our first born . He was catapulted into the the role of a sibling at 3 and a special needs sibling by 5. He loves and adores his sister and was the light in the darkest of times. Today he is beginning his journey of independence and has moved out in his own. He is a wealth of information and can answer almost any question you ask . We sometimes call him Dr Google. He is a great big brother to his sisters and likes to give them a hard time in typical brotherly fashion. We are proud of the man he is becoming and he has a special bond with Alyssa and she loves him so much. He enjoys magic the gathering tournaments, traveling , and disc golf.