Vacation 2022 Hollywood studios

We had an amazing vacation. Alyssa did great! Of course there were a few rough patches but that is to be expected. There have been so many transitions and change can be hard for her.

We went to Hollywood studios on the Fourth of July and it was hot as hell! The heat makes it a little less enjoyable but she was a trooper. Thankfully there are a lot of indoor rides so we were able to get some relief.

We had a lot of fun and she was happy all day. She loves the rides and we saw a Frozen show that she really enjoyed.

As we were leaving you could see both fireworks from Disney and Epcot and that was really cool to see both at once. Her face lights up.

I think she is ready to go home.

We stopped in South Carolina and spent an extra day here. One last day to rest. She transitioned great into the hotel. She had a few tough moments but she didn’t sleep well and she was a little confused by the extra day, which our bodies needed but I don’t think the day met her expectations. We were able to take her swimming Which she enjoyed and then she relaxed and then slept.

We have a very long drive back. It is 14 hours with no stops so hopefully we can head out early and she does well.

She just amazes me everyday and she is understanding and remembering is increasing so much. Unfortunately so is her rigidity and need for control which also intensifies when she gets anxious or expectations are thrown off. That is going to happen on this type of vacation. Especially when traveling with the griswalds.

She deserves these experiences and exposure. She thrives and is so happy. Even though she has had a few hard moments and they are hard for all of us when they are happening. Things are never just so when vacationing with autism. It stays on the background mostly but it likes to remind you it is here to keep you on your toes.

When I look back at this vacation, I will not remember this little bumps. I will remember us all being together and making these memories.

Pool day

Yesterday was a confusing day for Alyssa. It rained all day and we left the pool hoping the storm would pass but didn’t go back to our place ( it’s 10 minutes away) so she stayed in her bathing suit.

Thankfully the pool opened back up and we drove back there to swim. We only had an hour but decided to make the best of it.

She was so happy. Just like that everything was right as rain in her world. Expectations changing is so hard for her.

We wasted no time and headed right for the water slide. He sister took up and she had an ear to ear grin. Since it was a rainy day it was not that crowded. She went in a tube and we floated around the lazy river. We turned around and saw a rainbow and I swear it there just for her.

She was so happy. She was back and it filled my heart up. So much of this life is hard and so much goes wrong despite our best efforts. When it goes right there is nothing like the joy and love you feel. I consider this one autism’s biggest blessings.

We had just enough time to soak in the hot tub before we had to leave.

And nothing tops off the night better than a trip to dipping dots. We all know this girl loves ice cream.

Magic of vacationing

Going on a vacation can be so chaotic. So many transitions and changes which are stressful for everyone, but very overwhelming for Alyssa.

Now that we are here my girl is thriving. She is happy,content and sleeping. It’s like she was made for this life.

We are staying and Disney and it’s nice but it’s just two queen beds to a room so it’s small. We have 2 rooms that are connecting so everyone has their own bed.

She loves the water. She is so happy here. It makes my heart want to burst. Their is so much in this life that is hard, and there is so much that goes wrong. So many plans that go awry and things she simply can not not handle. It so so nice when that isn’t the way.

Don’t get me wrong autism can worm it’s way into any situation at anytime and we are well aware.

Yesterday we went to two parks. It was very hot. When I say hot I would compare it to the gates of hell. The humidity was almost unbearable. We must of walked 10 miles.

Animal Kingdom

She was a rock star. She loves the rides! She was such a trooper. She was the only one not complaining. I thought she would get upset when we went to the second park. It’s a lot of walking.

When you go to Magic Kingdom, you walk to a tram, then take a monarail and then walk up to the entrance before you even get in. She didn’t miss a beat. Also in years past we had to fight her to get a wristband on her, once I pulled out the magic band she extended her arm. She did awesome there too. Even cooperated with pictures.

She amazes me.

This our 7th trip to Florida going to parks. The first trip she was 5 years old. She has come a long way since then. The repetition helps her so much.

Don’t give up. Even if this is something that is out of the realm of possibility now,it doesn’t mean it will always be.

Road trip 23

Day four and road tripping is over!

Last night we decided to stop in Jacksonville to rest and get dinner and then we do the last 2 hours in the morning.

Everything goes well until it doesn’t. Over all she did amazing. These are long days in the car with lots of transitions.

And when autism strikes it strikes.

We pulled in the parking lot for dinner which happened to be the same parking lot as the hotel.

Once she seen the hotel she started yelling. We pulled into the restaurant side and she couldn’t settle.

We tried to leave the restaurant but that was making her more upset. We were in the hallway and she was crying and screaming and everyone was staring. I don’t blame them but it’s so irritating.

I saw the manager keep looking out the door. A waitress came out and asked if she could do anything to help. Which there wasn’t. We were able to finally calm her down and have dinner. However when we left and pulled around to the hotel she was not happy.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs which got worse as we went. Everyone was done we had been driving since 9AM. Patience had left the building.

She was completely disregulated.

It’s so hard because she doesn’t get it. I tried to explain one more day and then we will be there. We never stop three times. She knows the routine. On top of it she is completely exhausted. She eventually calmed down and fell asleep.

Today we finished the last leg of our drive. We are at the Disney Resort and this is more her style.

All is right in her world. She is swimming and in her happy place