Learning Challenges

Learning is very challenging for Alyssa. There was not a lot of focus on academics in her earlier years. She was completely non verbal, had zero safety awareness,had behaviors and sensory avoidance and seeking behaviors.

Their was more focus on helping her to communicate, stay safe and getting her to attend to activities.

She didn’t tend to retain a lot of information.

At one time I was told their was no point in teaching her the alphabet. At the time I understood, there was so many other things that were more of a priority.

Now I second guess that decision.

I was told it would be too much information that would be useless to her because she couldn’t process it.

You see I was told she would never speak

She would never understand spoken word.

Does she struggle immensely in this area to this day?

Yes she does, there is no denying that.

I do know she can understand more than I ever imagined. I know she makes connections I wouldn’t of thought possible.

I Thought the only place I would ever hear her voice was my dreams. For so long that remained true and now she speaks.

I know she can recognize words, she can copy and match letters, she knows what many words begin with. I know there is a lot in there that she understands some things I am not aware of.

I was told she would Plateau by a certain age and she would stop learning most likely by age 12.

That she would not be able to follow directions especially more than one step unless she had a visual aide.

She could not comprehend abstract things that she could not see, And yes today that is not her stong suite.

Things like pretend play would just not be possible
for her.

I tried to be realistic. I understood but I’m my heart I didn’t believe. I don’t know if that was mothers intuition or wishful thinking.

My daughter is a visual learner. She is still
Learning and gaining and she is in her twenties.

She is a life long learner.

You have to believe in your child and believe in the power of yet.

No one can see the future.

I don’t know if my daughter would of learned more if she were introduced to more. Maybe‚ĶMaybe not

I know she can pretend play. She understands a lot. She works so hard everyday.

She doesn’t learn in the typical way but she has learned far more than anyone predicted. It is still a push and pull, I try my best to work with her and teach her. Sometimes it’s successful others not.

She is so smart just had a hard time showing what she knows.

I will never give up. I will try to reach her and help her learn as much as I can.

She is worthy of it and she deserves it.


The key to helping Alyssa learn is building her confidence. We do a lot of the same activities over and over in order to build her up.

Lots of positive reinforcement too!

To Communicate, and to help her understand the world around her are my main goals.

She is understanding and aware of so much more.

She never ceases to amaze me!

Yesterday we did a new activity, it’s a puzzle where you Match up the word and picture. It is an activity which she would need a lot of support because she doesn’t read.

Some words that are familiar to her like
Cat dog ect she can recognize and match.

She did so many that I didn’t expect her to know.

Words like spoon, bike,bus,egg,train she was able to match. She did it with complete confidence which I love!

She is still learning and progressing and the best part is how proud she is of herself.

She was even able to help my niece by finding the picture that went with her words when she couldn’t.

Of course there is was a little miscommunication about who put the pieces together and whose turn it was.

I didn’t think reading or writing would be something she would be able to do. Now I am rethinking that.

She is also identifying the pictures verbally and her words seem to be a getting clearer.

There is so much our kids are capable of. You have to try, I would never know these skills were t if I didn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t work or she gets frustrated and that’s okay. We try again later or a different way.

I am just so proud and happy with the progress she has made and how happy it makes her.

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