Today is the anniversary of the ADA otherwise known as the Americans with disabilities act.

This was signed into law in 1990,6 years before my daughter was born.

A daughter that unknown to me at the time,would have a lifelong disability.

I had no idea the services and accommodations she would need.

Discrimination against individuals with disabilities is real and although there are now laws in place it is still happens.

Imagine a life where you have to fight for your child’s basic human rights.

A world that is not always kind to those who are different,

The fact that a law is needed in order to treat our most vulnerable population equally, to prevent discrimination, and be provided with education, dignity, and equality is problematic in the first place

I can’t imagine a life where she is not protected.

Although there are laws in place we have to make sure they are followed. We have to advocate and voice that it is a right not a privilege to have these accommodations and opportunities. We have to teach the world about our amazing children and their difficult journeys.

To educate and bring awareness to the struggle and need for this protection.

As president Biden states,

“For more than 60 million Americans living with a disability,the ADA is so much more than a law. It’s a source of opportunity,participation,independent living and respect. While we celebrate the incredible progress we’ve made, we must commit to the work that remains.”

We have come a long way but have a long way to go.

I never thought about disability rights or laws before I had a child with one. Their potential, their quality of life, and essence relies on them. They are so vulnerable and need us to protect them.

It is up to us to stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves. To love and protect them, to teach them,to give them opportunities and to allow them to lead happy productive lives.

Thank you to all those who help shed light and paved the way. They began the fight and we will follow in their footsteps and make sure dignity and equal access is available for all.

Everyone deserves respect, equality, and opportunity.

My daughter is my world, she is beautiful, and happy but innocent and vulnerable. She and others deserve to be protected and provided with access to quality services and equity throughout their life.