After a really hard day , I decided to bring Alyssa to the table and do an activity .

Sometimes it helps calm her .

We had a toy we had never used before , it was acorns from A-Z and it comes with little figures that can go inside the acorns .

The elephant would go into the acorn with the E . We set it up and I open a bag of figures and she takes out her iPad and opens up the prologue2go app .

She is able to match letters but not identify them . She can type them out if she copies from A flashcard , or if it works on her iPad screen . She match some upper and lower case letters independently but not all .

This is the first time we have used this . I am doing to promote letter recognition , practice finding items on her iPad , practice finding letters and to practice saying words .

The first one we found the picture then the letter . The second one she found the letter first which I was suprised but it was elephant which she is familiar with . Then the next few she does she knows the letter . Every single one almost she knew what letter they began with completely independently . These were animals , food items and Other items .

I had no idea she could do this . She also knew what just about every single item was and at least attempted to verbalize it .

I can’t believe it !

She knows so much more than I realize .

Sometimes The efforts seem futile . I try so many different tactics with her letters and sounds and it just doesn’t seem to click .

This shows she is getting it . At least the concept . She just can’t tell me , or always understand what I’m asking.

Never count this girl out !

This just shows you can never give up . Keep trying , they will suprised you .

There is always room in my heart to be grateful , even on the toughest days.

This fill me up with hope !

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