Never give up

This girl never ceases to amaze me ! Everytime this disorder has me feeling defeated , she brings me back with something unexpected . She reminds me why I have to always keep pushing . Alyssa is non verbal . We were told she would never talk or be able to understand

. I vividly remember being told at an IEP meeting that she would never be able to understand any words without a cue or a picture . This was pretty much the consensus . I refused to believe it. I fought back the urge to lunge across the table . To scream how dare you say such things about my beautiful , intelligent , complicated daughter . I wanted to yell take it back . But I didn’t I sat there and fought back tears and said ; she is starting to understand some words which I thought was great . Familiar things I used the example

If how lately is we were getting ready to leave and I said we are going bye bye go get your shoes she would go get her shoes . Which I thought was great because up until now you would have to point or give her some kind of cue for her to be understand . I thought it showed potential . I will never forget this meeting ; the speech therapist looked at me with such pity and said that’s nice dear . She did not believe me at all .

This was one of many meetings I left in tears , feeling as my heart had been ripped out . But today she understands words , it is still limited but she can understand somethings , and today she ordered food at a restaurant. We were looking at the menu and I was showing her pictures of the food choices and we flipped to the back page and I asked her what do you want . Usually she just smiles and looks at me ( I’m sure in her head she’s like um hello chicken tenders like always ) but I am trying to challenge her . Of course we are at Friendlys and they have a picture of every food item but chicken tenders , so I am purposely showing pics of stuff I know she won’t pick . Well she points to a little picture of Sprite . I didn’t realize the beverage strip was there . I said what’s that she said sprite ( her version but close enough ) I was floored . So I look up a picture of chicken tenders and fries online and she nods her head yes and points . The waiter comes back over to take our order and we order for ourselves and her like usual . Then I look at her I don’t even know what made me do this and I said Alyssa what do you want to eat and I still had the pic on my phone and she said chicky ,( approximation ) and then I said what else tell him , and she said French fries , I could not believe it !

She ordered her first meal and I don’t care that she didn’t pronounce her words exactly !! She knew what I was asking and she answered . It was amazing . I am so proud of her . I know this may not sound huge but it is . In the autism world one little shift , one thing that could seem so minor is so big . This shows true progress , this shows more potential . I didn’t get to video her ordering because well I had no idea that was going to happen but I did get her saying sprite so I will post that . But you know I’m going out to eat again soon so I can . If she will do it again ?? I don’t know but I’m going to try .




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