A moment of Love

Alyssa loves with her whole heart,but she hasn’t always been able to show it. Affection and touching is sometimes hard for. Having siblings helped open up her heart more.

When Kierra came along she wasn’t too sure at first and was indifferent and then annoyed. Little by little she wormed her way into her heart.

At first she just tolerated her, which was a sign of love in itself, and then she became her favorite person and one of the only ones she would seek affection from.

For a long time she never initiated affection but would allow us to give it to her. That however is only one way to measure love. Their was never any doubt in her love for us.

A few years ago out of the blue she initiated a hug, and now is very selective about it but will initiate it occasionally. I am very grateful for these fleeting moments. When asked she gives the best hugs you can imagine and you feel the love everytime. She also initiate the blowing a kiss sound another way to show us her love.

She also will take her tiger and have him kiss my cheek, a that’s her way of showing me when she can’t do it herself.

It may not sound like much and it’s something most take for granted,but to me it’s everything.

To the mama still waiting in the wings your day will come. They show us in their own way and that’s perfectly fine too.

#25daysofautism #autism #autismlove

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