The road less traveled

Earlier in my journey I would often wonder why,
Why my daughter, our family?
It seemed unjust,unfair, why did this happen to her.

It didn’t make sense, when I looked around I saw other families and their children and everything looked different from ours. Easy, simple, typical
We were anything but. We were loud, chaotic, and everything was challenging.

I searched for a reason, for something that could explain it.
There wasn’t an answer.

This was the life she was given, the life we were all given.
I didn’t know anyone else who had a child with autism.
Her challenges were very apparent. We stood out. We were stared at and not understood.

Over time I realize it didn’t matter why.
I learned that differences are okay.
Autism has its struggles I do not dispute that, and some of them are really hard.

Autism brought me my daughter and that I would never change.
It made me who I am, it changed me at my core.
It showed me beauty I would be unaware of. The beauty that lies inside my daughter is beauty like nothing I have ever known.
Her innocence, her joy, is like no one else.
Her heart is pure, her smile is everything
I wouldn’t have experienced the love and connection shared with a non verbal child. It is a bond like no other.

She wouldn’t of been able to bring hope and comfort to others on this journey.
I wouldn’t of met so many of the amazing woman I have met and formed friendships with.
I wouldn’t of known the strength I possess had autism not entered our lives.

This life may be the road less traveled but it is a beautiful life nonetheless. It is a life with trial and tribulations like many others, but that teaches inner strength and unconditional love.

It’s a journey of mixed emotions where you often find yourself smiling through your tears.

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