Blissfully unaware

Autism is a tough road. It really is, so complicated and so hard in so many ways.

From the day you hear the words, you are catapulted into an alternate reality.

My daughter was diagnosed at 2 years old and it has been a long hard journey. The emotions that you feel as a mom watching your child struggle will bring you to your knees.

Everything that you thought you knew about your life changes in an instant.

Relationships change, friendships waver, and invitations stall, and these things are painful realities on top of the the challenges your child is facing.

Family support is so important. I have always been told how strong I am, and asked how do you to this.

I had an incredible role model. My mom modeled strength, compassion and love. She taught me to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you.

My mom never faltered not once when it came to my daughter. She always loved her fiercely. It didn’t matter that she was different.

She always acknowledged her. She made a point to make sure she was never left out. She loved her so much.

When your child has a disability, whether you like it or not,they are treated differently. It’s not done purposely but people don’t always know how to interact. They shy away or overlook them. At times they are ignored,or forgotten.

My Mom learned how to fit into her world. She adored Alyssa. She always supported me and helped anyway she could. She loved Alyssa so much and that helped heal my heart. To know that others loved her the way I did meant so much to me.

She would always to take her for a walks and blow bubbles with her. She would smile and let my mom hug her.

She babysat and spent time with all of my kids. She was an amazing mother and an Incredible grandmother.

She just recently gained her angel wings and although we will miss her enormously I know how blessed we were to have her. She left a lasting imprint in our lives.

I don’t know how much Alyssa realizes or understands, death is an abstract concept. Her Grammy has been gone for a while, recovering from sugery and the medical complications that came along with it.

It’s a blessing that she is blissfully unaware and doesn’t have the pain of grieving some she loves so much,but at the same time there sadness in that too.

I know she will be watching over Alyssa and will see all the great progress she is making. Being loved by her has made us better.

Hug your loved ones close.

Rest in sweetest peace mom 💕

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