Pool day

Yesterday was a confusing day for Alyssa. It rained all day and we left the pool hoping the storm would pass but didn’t go back to our place ( it’s 10 minutes away) so she stayed in her bathing suit.

Thankfully the pool opened back up and we drove back there to swim. We only had an hour but decided to make the best of it.

She was so happy. Just like that everything was right as rain in her world. Expectations changing is so hard for her.

We wasted no time and headed right for the water slide. He sister took up and she had an ear to ear grin. Since it was a rainy day it was not that crowded. She went in a tube and we floated around the lazy river. We turned around and saw a rainbow and I swear it there just for her.

She was so happy. She was back and it filled my heart up. So much of this life is hard and so much goes wrong despite our best efforts. When it goes right there is nothing like the joy and love you feel. I consider this one autism’s biggest blessings.

We had just enough time to soak in the hot tub before we had to leave.

And nothing tops off the night better than a trip to dipping dots. We all know this girl loves ice cream.

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