Road trip 23

Day four and road tripping is over!

Last night we decided to stop in Jacksonville to rest and get dinner and then we do the last 2 hours in the morning.

Everything goes well until it doesn’t. Over all she did amazing. These are long days in the car with lots of transitions.

And when autism strikes it strikes.

We pulled in the parking lot for dinner which happened to be the same parking lot as the hotel.

Once she seen the hotel she started yelling. We pulled into the restaurant side and she couldn’t settle.

We tried to leave the restaurant but that was making her more upset. We were in the hallway and she was crying and screaming and everyone was staring. I don’t blame them but it’s so irritating.

I saw the manager keep looking out the door. A waitress came out and asked if she could do anything to help. Which there wasn’t. We were able to finally calm her down and have dinner. However when we left and pulled around to the hotel she was not happy.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs which got worse as we went. Everyone was done we had been driving since 9AM. Patience had left the building.

She was completely disregulated.

It’s so hard because she doesn’t get it. I tried to explain one more day and then we will be there. We never stop three times. She knows the routine. On top of it she is completely exhausted. She eventually calmed down and fell asleep.

Today we finished the last leg of our drive. We are at the Disney Resort and this is more her style.

All is right in her world. She is swimming and in her happy place

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