Dance recital

Today my girl struggled hard. Autism and Anxiety did a number on her.

It was dance recital day and that brought a lot of changes and too many transitions for someone who was out of sorts

I was heartbroken watching her struggle

I felt unsure if I was doing the right things for the right reasons

I was angry at autism for making things so hard

I was frustrated that even in a group of others with special needs she stands out,and then I was mad at myself for caring.

She was the only one who wouldn’t wear the shirt.

She was yelling in the audience and she had attended enough dance recitals to know how to act.

I didn’t give up though. I thought about it and I considered leaving but I knew in my heart once she was with her class and her teachers she would be okay.

We had to work through the hard to get her to the otherside . It took Lots of reassurance and patience.

It was worth every second once I saw her step on stage. She danced and as the dance continued she got more confident. She had the biggest smile
at the end.

She came back in the audience and watched the show. She met back up with her class and wanted to wear the finale shirt. She went on stage with the whole school and danced the finale dance and was
so happy!

It was unbelievable! Autism threaded it’s way all the way through and in the end presented us with such a gift. It is so magical watching your children perform. To know how much she had to overcome to get there makes it that much sweeter.


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