I have always love photos. You could say I was obsessed with them. Every since I can remember, I loved looking at photos. I remained taking photos and bringing them to get developed and having to wait to see them. I hour photo was like a dream come true.

When I had kids, I couldn’t wait to take pictures and get professional pictures taken. I envisioned a house full of pictures. I did in fact take lots of pictures. We also got pictures of the kids taken. My son’s every three months, the first child. When Alyssa came I took lots of photos of her too but slowed down a little with the professional ones.

Pictures became a little difficult when Alyssa stopped making eye contact. It became very difficult for her to stay still enough for a photo. Professional pictures became too stressful. Our last professional successful ones were around three. We tried a few times after that,but she just couldn’t do it.

Over time she became resistant to all pictures. It became such a struggle and she became so upset I stopped forcing it. I have gaps in time where there is no pictures of her, holidays were there are only one or two pictures. It makes me sad when I look back, but I know that it was for her benefit.

I don’t have a professional picture of my children together or a family one. It’s something that matters to me and we will work to make it happen.

It wasn’t until I created this page that she would even allow me to video. Although it’s funny because she loves to look at pictures and watch videos. She has always loved pictures. The more I started taking pictures the more she seemed to adapt. Now she will even stop and post for me!

Pictures are still a struggle for her. The eye contact, looking at the camera and smiling on command are complicated for her. The difference is she will try. She is a willing participant. The pictures aren’t always picture perfect because it’s hard for her. I am
Happy she is included and trying.

This weekend her sister got professional prom pictures. We had a few taken with her. She got a few by herself. It wasn’t ideal, it was very hot and she was anxious. She tried, and cooperated and I am so proud of her for that.

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