This is nine

Alyssa adjusted well to her an additional sibling. It wasn’t easy with 4 children. The house was loud, chaotic and busy! She didn’t have any regressions or behavioral outbursts and that was huge.

She was thriving and we decided to throw a triple party for all three girls. They were turning 1,3 and 9.
We renting out a roller skating rink and had a private party and it was a blast. We invited Alyssa’s while class and it went so well.

Alyssa was thriving. She was happy. She still had her struggles of course but she seemed to more regulated for longer periods of time.

We went away to Maine for a weekend and that went well too.

She still had not developed language and struggled receptively but she was making a lot of progress. Her classroom was a good fit.

Sleep was still an issue as well but everyday wasn’t a battle anymore.

She loved the water and thrived off sensory related activities.

Lexi wormed her way right inside Alyssa’s bubble. She still did a lot of observing and laughed her sisters at a lot.

Alyssa age 9

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