This is 8

When Lexi was born, that made two babies in two years. That was a big adjustment for Alyssa.

We were still reeling from the aggression that was triggered when Kierra became mobile. She had just turned two. I will say she working her way into Alyssa’s bubble. She followed her around, showed her things, sat where she sat, this little girl was not taking no for an answer and she was learning to tolerate her. We had lots of pushing down and taking toys but that seemed to finally ease up.

Now a new baby had arrived and I didn’t know what kind of reaction that would trigger. Kierra was consumed with the new baby and basically wanted to be her mother.

Alyssa was more interested this time around. She did a lot of observing, not as much ignoring. She still kept her distance, but warmed up much faster.

She loved to throw away diapers and when Lexi cried she would try to give her the binky. It was very sweet. She was much more engaged with her.

All in all it was a pretty good transition. Alyssa still loved Barney, was obsessed with water and dirt. She still hasn’t developed any language and we working on a picture exchange system that she did well at school with but resisted at home. She could Non verbally communicate very well.

We were very busy and the house was filled with chaos but also with love. She was thriving, behaviors hadn’t increased and she was progressing in many areas. My hands were very full so she has to learn do some stuff on her own.

I think it promoted some independence for her.

This is Alyssa age 8

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