This is 4

Alyssa began to settle down a bit at four. She was still very much a sensory seeker and needed to be physical or in water to stay regulated.

It was easier to achieve that in the warmer months.
She was generally happier and calmer in the summer a pattern that I had yet to realize. She still struggled a lot but the intensity had simmered down a bit.

She still had no language but her aggression has simmered down. She was thriving in school. She was having some success with pecs mostly at school.

She had learned to point to her eyes to say ( I ) we would say Love and touch our heart and she would point to to us for you! We would do it everyday She also learned to blow kisses.

When she was happy she was the absolute sweetest.

Autism awareness day 4

Alyssa age 4

autism #autismawareness #autismlove

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