This is three

School was starting and I was sure it would be a disaster. She had made some improvements but let’s just say she gave strong willed a whole new meaning.

Meltdowns, self injury and she could make the tiniest pinch hurt like you wouldn’t believe.

She transitioned well into school and they were amazing with her. We started the signs and the pecs program but she was resistant at both. She would only do it for a highly preferred item.

She loved water and being outside, she has the sweetest laugh when you tickled her. She was lovable when she wanted to be.

She began potty training in school and was pee trained a few months later.

She still wasn’t talking. I was still holding out hope that she would catch up by kindergarten. I added speech and OT Outside of school and we had plenty of supports but language was still not happening and understanding was still inconsistent.

Her sensory issues were a big struggle for her.

She seemed to enjoy school and her teacher was a god send and they adored her.

She still screamed a lot and would run off and second she got. She was very challenging but she was also funny. She had big curls and bright green eyes, and the cutest smile ever.

She was making progress and half way potty trained so although things were really hard, there were improving.

It was tough balancing a six year old and A three year old who was needed a lot of attention and supervision. They loved each other so much and I loved watching their relationship when she would tolerate it.

Alyssa age three

Autism awareness day 3


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