Thanksgiving 21

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

We had a good day at home with family.

Alyssa had zero meltdowns. Zero

That’s amazing! We had four extra people here.

She stayed out with us the whole time! She always retreats to her her room ( or ours) with her iPad.

She has never done this!

She peeled potatoes and carrots, the girl who we were told may never use a fork.

She helped make pudding pies and helped eat them too.

She came right to the table with no hesitation.

We settled in after and watched a Christmas movie with me. She lasted an hour and 12 minutes. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart.

Never give up hope! Things happen on their own timeline.

We are getting ready for Christmas slowly. She gets overwhelmed and upset by any change. We will be bringing stuff out and decorating slowly.

I am so thankful for all her progress. Every year she changes and is still gaining.

grateful #autism #thanksgiving #choosehope

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