Open letter to my daughter

. It’s crazy how I can still feel these emotions even today.

An open letter to my daughter.

My baby

My sweet daughter

Things certainly took a twist didn’t they?


I was floored by word

Angered by it, afraid of it, unsure of it

It didn’t seem right my beautiful,
Bright girl full of wonder, full of light

Certainly filled with fire

I felt like I was losing you

All of the other kids were passing you by

It Felt like the world was moving so fast around us but we were in limbo

The tears fell fast and hard but never because of you , always for you

For your frustration, for what you were losing out on
For how hard and unpredictable things were for you.

I wanted to fix it, fight it,
I wanted it to not be

They painted a grim picture

I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t

They didn’t know You your spirit how stubborn you are

In time I learned a different path.

I learned that your autism is a part of you, not all of you but like the colors of the rainbow it’s hard to know where it begins and ends.

I also learned to not only accept it but to respect it because it is a part of you and I love every single part of you.

I love you to the moon and back, you can say that now

The girl with no words

I love you more than life itself

You make me laugh everyday

You give the best hugs, you made me wait 20
Years for them and I cherish ever single one

You are happy and perfect just the way you are.

It’s not my Job to fight the autism, to change you

It’s my job to help you find your voice and show the world how amazing you are. I see that now

I will protect you and fight for you until the day I die

Until then your my side kick

And as much as I like to think I am showing you the way. You have shown me the way.

You have taken me on the less traveled path and it’s been beautiful. Lots of twists and turns some uphill battles along the way but the views have been breath taken. The unknown is at times scary but together we will come on stronger than I could ever imagined

I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my daughter, you are and always have been enough.


autism #autismlove

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