Holidays And autism

Holidays and autism

Holidays are difficult. High stress, chaotic busy times.

They can trigger a lot emotions

Then Throw in autism and it adds to the fun.

Our kids tend to go against the grain, the expected

They are sensitive to mood, sounds, smells ans get overwhelmed so easily

The Holidays don’t always make sense to them because the ideas are so abstract

We as parents have so many pressures with expectations.

We are expected to post the perfect picture

Create magical lasting memories

Bake and decorate

Make everything effortless

( nothing is effortless over here in this griswald house)

Matching pajamas

Pictures with Santa

The more things don’t go as planned the more we try to force it


It’s how it’s supposed to be

It’s for your other children and your family

For me I want her to have the experiences that all kids get to have. She deserves that.

It didn’t make sense if she is not enjoying it.

We love our kids and want to make them happy. That’s is perfectly natural, it’s a good thing

Sometimes we have to make adjustments and do things a little differently

That’s ok

It’s also okay to be sad about it, it’s okay to feel frustrated and angry at the unfairness of it

Own your feelings, it’s the only way to process them and move on. It’s hard sometimes. It’s okay to say that and to feel it.

It does get easier as time goes, you will still have your moments and that Okay too.

My daughter didn’t full participate in Christmas.

Yes she opened gifts and liked that but couldn’t pick gifts or get excited before hand. She didn’t know who Santa was.

As the years went by she participated more.

Now the understanding is there.

Now she loves Christmas!

Don’t give up when it’s hard, they will
Come around when they are ready. It might look a little different in our houses but then again most things do.

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