what makes your child unique?

My daughter beats to her own drum that’s for sure.

The simplest things in life make her happy, and the most random things upset her.

At first look it may seem she is different from others .

Of course she struggles with change, anxiety and she can be very controlling especially with her environment and belongings. She struggles to communicate and to understand. She gets very upset when she is confused and if she is frustrated.

When you look past all that she is just a girl. No different from me or you really.

She loves to laugh and she loves to make you laugh. Her eyes twinkle when she is happy and it is the most beautiful sight.

She wants to be included, to interact with other but sometimes she doesn’t know how.

She is super proud of her successes but very annoyed when things are hard and she doesn’t get them right.

She likes to be hugged for comfort, loves affection but it has to be on her terms

She has her people and it is a small circle but she loves them with her whole heart, I don’t need words to tell me that.

Her best friend is a stuffed tiger and he brings her so much joy. She uses him for a buffer between her world and ours, but she also uses him as bridge. She acts things out with him, tries to communicate with him. I suppose that IS unique.

There are so many things in her world that may look unique to you, but to me they are “normal”

She doesn’t know her letters but can spell words

She can hear everything even the quietest whisper

Her senses are sharp and she doesn’t miss much

To me she is more than unique, she is extraordinary

She has overcome so much and fights every single day to live in our world, to communicate, to break down barriers

She is beautiful, and sweet but fierce and I wouldn’t have any other way.

Join us and post your own pictures as we sprinkle Autism all over social media.

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