Many people don’t even think twice about them

Of course there is the major ones

First steps

First words

Riding a bike

Learning to swim

First day of Kindergarten

I can say from parenting a typically developing child first outside of these major ones, I didn’t think too much about them.

They just happened. The developmental milestones just rolled out and most of them go unnoticed.

Until they don’t happen, they stall, or they lose them.

Until you are told they might not happen…ever

Until you look at child and see how even the simplest of successes are so difficult and sometimes not possible

Until every single milestone takes more time and work than you ever thought possible.

Then you notice every single one

And we celebrate every single one, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to the outside world.

In autism there are no small steps because every step opens the door a little more. It opens the door for potential, for hope.

My daughter has met so many milestones

Some minor, some major and some completely unexpected.

I celebrate all of them with same enthusiasm because I know how incredibly hard she has to work for them.

This milestone I am sharing is big to me and it makes my mama heart happy. Today we stopped to take pictures at a scenic view up in the mountains

Pictures are not really her thing. Especially posed ones. Especially after checking out of a vacation rental and all the transitions and changes that go with it.

Looking at the camera and smiling on the command are extremely difficult for her.

Also it the sun was blinding.

She did it though! She participated, she tried and she was engaged.

To be completely transparent the dog walking by helped with the smile.

This may not be a big milestone for some but for me it is. I have too many albums and events with pictures of her missing.

Don’t be afraid of sharing every milestone, they all deserve to be celebrated!

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