Such a simple thing to take a picture with something Festive on . I see it everytime I go on Facebook or Instagram. Some matching some are not , but most are festive .

This is something that is so hard for Alyssa . Anything different and any change is so hard for her . Even something as simple as wearing different or new clothes .

I got her a grinch shirt , I know she probably wouldn’t wear it . Most of Christmas Eve she stayed in my room . She was on her IPad and that’s her happy place . I didn’t push her , I just let her be .

When she came out to eat I showed her the shirt and asked if she would wear it later . She nodded and signed yes . And I smiled and said okay later . She says yes to a majority of things , it doesn’t alway mean yes . Still
She didn’t say no , which she 100 percent knows .

After she ate she agreed to put the grinch shirt on . She took of her shirt and put it on but she became hesitant . I could tell she really wanted to , but as soon as it went on she became irritable .

She immediately started pulling at it . She was lifting it up and getting upset .

I asked if she could keep it on just for the picture . She reluctantly went along , I wouldn’t say happily but she tried .

It takes so much for her do new things . Her anxiety spikes and she becomes stressed . Even at things that are so minor to us .

I have learned to not push her too hard . I make the conscious decision to let her be , most of the time . I still try but I back off , and follow her lead .

Just her willingness to try , and her desire to make me happy warms my heart . It’s hard that we can’t always do the holiday things that other people do. It makes me sad and sometimes frustrates me . At times it makes me envious of others , that get to seemingly enjoy all the Christmas activities with ease.

Tonight , I chose to smile and be grateful for what I have . It may not always be the easiest but it’s means so much when things do come together . I love my family and are so grateful for them , especially my children . I take her effort and the pictures while certainly not perfect pictures , I know what goes into to them and that means so much more .

Merry Christmas everyone , However you choose to celebrate may you feel the love .

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