Whose that girl

Tonight I was sitting at the table and Alyssa was on the couch and my niece Ariella who is 4 was on the other couch .

Alyssa doesn’t spend a lot of time on the couch she primarily spends her time in my room of her room .

She is very intrigued by Ari , she always has been . She is loud , bossy and sassy and it is beyond miraculous that Alyssa tolerates it.

I think she is looking for engagement . Ari is showing her different toys and telling her what they are and she starts telling her to say things , I hear her say Lulu say cupcake and she says it , Ari says good job and she claps ,

She runs over and says I’m teaching Lulu how to talk . My heart is melting . She is a little confused by Alyssa’s role . She is big like the other adults but is not an adult , but yet she is not really a peer either . In some ways my niece is ahead of her but in other ways Alyssa is more mature .

It has been so interesting and heart warming to watch their relationship grow . Alyssa is so tolerant of her and has expressed interest since day one .


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