Movie Magic

Movie Magic

Watching movies is a passion of mine

Okay well not exactly a passion but it’s something I love to do . It’s relaxing and an escape from everything you else , which at times I so desperately need .

My husband also loves movies , more so than me . In fact for many years I did not really watch a lot of movies at home because it was too distracting for me with the kids and he can just tune everything out . I always loved going to the movie theatre to see them though .

I have always loved and watched Christmas movies , it has always been my thing .

Alyssa is not really much of a movie person , or even TV shows . When she was younger she would watch shows like Barney , teletubbies, and Dora. She loved the music and would always rewind and fast forward to her favorite parts .
She also liked the movie big fat liar and would always rewind to the part where he goes into the pool and comes out blue .

She can tolerate movies in the movie theatre , she loves physical comedy . The popcorn , candy and the expectation of sitting also help .

As she got older and the other kids got older she stopped watching shows . She does watch video clips on her iPad but no shows or movies . I don’t think she can really follow along to the concept of a movie and she has a hard time with comprehending a lot of language so it’s kind of pointless to her.

It’s such a simple thing but watching movies as a family is something I love . She usually stays in her room or goes in mine and on her iPad. Which is what makes her happy . It’s fine , she doesn’t seem to mind but I would like her to be with us .

I want her to feel included , and not feel left out .
It makes me a little sad to not have her with us . I know this is more about me than her . It’s so hard to know what they feel or understand.

The last couple years she had been getting more aware of things and is trying to interact with us more . When we were doing a folder on her iPad about Christmas I decided I would try to work on a plan and get her to watch a Christmas Movie even if it was just for a short time .

That year she watched a year without a Santa, when we watched it with my niece she did great and came out and watched it with us on her own . She also watched the Grinch with me and my mom on Christmas night .

Earlier this year she watched Dora with us and loved it !

The other night we watched the new grinch and she was so cute . Yesterday on Thanksgiving we let her pick a movie and she picked ice age 2 . After saying no thank you to about 50 movies .
She watched the whole thing .

Later that night we watched jungle book which me and my daughter picked , at first she said no but then ended up watching the whole thing .

She was laughing and smiling during certain parts on her own. It was just amazing . Me her and Lexi just watching a movie together on a holiday .

It’s something so simple , almost an afterthought for some . It has taking years and years for this .

It is the little things that mean so much sometimes.

It’s not just about watching a movie together , although that is pretty special for us . It’s the fact that she WANTS to be with us . She wants to be around us and that’s a huge step for her .

There are so many difficulties with autism , so many things we lose out on . There are so many simple things we don’t get to have because it’s just to difficult and too stressful . Most are things most people don’t even think twice about .

It makes you appreciate them even more . These moments , these memories are not promised so I take them when I can get them and I cherish them .

I loved being able to spend this time with my girls . It meant so much to me . I hope we can keep doing it . I won’t give up I will keep trying and keep pushing .

Christmas movie magic is going to be a thing in my house this year , it’s going to happen .

Maybe one day it will be something I don’t even think about it will just be. Until then I will fight for it .

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