Days to night

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!

This morning I woke up to my beautiful girl inches from my face . It was 645 am and she was still awake from last night . My plan to keep her on schedule is not off to a good start .

She fell asleep around 730 pm and and I thought maybe she will sleep most of the night . Rookie move

She did not she woke up around 10 and stayed up .

She clearly wanted something and was patiently waiting for me to open my eyes and figure it out .

I tried to coax her back to bed but she was not having it. Hugs and kisses , she was happy to give them but wasn’t what she wanted .

I get the look 👀. Figure out what I want

I see she’s tired and I am on the couch and I am looking at her asking what she wants and she just looks at me . This is where she starts to get frustrated and it is too early for floor dropping and screaming , I am wracking my sleep hazed brain for a solution .

I look at my bedroom room door where behind it lays my husband, sleeping like a baby . I look at Alyssa and she is also glancing at the door .


It finally dawns on me . She wants to lay down in my room and go to sleep in my bed . She probably can’t fall asleep and has been trying for hours. So I ask her do you want to go in my room and she nods yes . I tell her do ahead , go tell Daddy.

She goes in and he tries to get her to lay with him and she laughing and being silly . He is trying to amuse her and send her on her way . It’s not happening .

She wants to lay in our bed by herself . He begrudgingly got up and gave her the bed .

He was leaving the room and she yelled blankie . Blankie. He had to go back and tuck her in , snug as bug . She was giggling as she rolled over and settled in and fell asleep .

I am grateful for that laugh , it lights up my whole world .

I don’t know if she will wake up in time for helping with the cooking and the baking but she needs sleep and to be in a good mood for that to go over well . We may just do some of that tomorrow .

Most important lesson I have learned is we have to be flexible and not have too many expectations .

I won’t lie sometimes I don’t follow my own advice . It’s hard to let go of that but things do tend go smoother when I do .

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