When Alyssa was younger she used to sit on the floor with toys in front of her in a half circle . I thought this was clever because it was her way if playing with multiple toys at once.

I had no idea that this was a sign if autism

Her half circles became full circles . She would make a circle around herself with toys , and a few items she would find around the house . She would sit in the middle and you could not break the circle . If anyone touched anything in the circle , or tried to enter the middle she would have a meltdown . A very intense one ~

This was one of her first signs of rigidity.

This was also a way for her to organize the chaos in her brain .

Also clothing wasn’t really a thing back then .
That had to do with her sensory system which was so sensitive back then .

She eventually starting doing the circles less and less and then stopped . It was a coping mechanism she had . It is so interesting how they can do this for themselves .

Does anyone else’s kids do this or something similar ? I know lots of kids line things up . It was just her own spin on that .

Post a picture of your child’s interesting habit or them doing something “cute”

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