Day out

We went out for the day trying to keep Alyssa awake all day so she would sleep at night . I ran a few errands , we went to a store , grabbed lunch and came home . My sister was going to the pond near us so I pushed my luck and I brought her

. I was very happy because she picked out two things for herself .

She hardly ever will pick anything or even allow me to het something for her . She picked an animal book and big stuffed tiger .

We went to the pond and came home to a late dinner , it was ready for us when we got home 😊

I was asking her to tell her Dad what we did today. She is minimally verbal but will sometimes answer with one word .

I do this to help her retrieval skills and help her male connections between words and actions . Mainly just reinforcing everything

She was engaging and I was helping to prompt her and then she got up and left the table . I was trying to have show her Dad what she picked at the store.

She came back with her IPad .
She opened up her Proloquo2Go app and hit store . She never does this on her own .

I was so surprised , she was able to tell him she got a book and tiger . She also told him she went swimming !

She is so resistant to independently using her speech device.

This was a huge step !

Things seem to connecting a little more .





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