Pond day

Yesterday my sister came over while I was at work and took Alyssa and Kierra to the pond . It was so weird coming home and not having her here .

When they came in she came over and I said Hi , she was smiling and she came over and I put my arms out for a hug . She hugged me and I was hugging her as I said I love you so much and she was hugging me back , (which she doesn’t always to do So I love when I get a real hug ) As we we pulling away she says I love you . ON HER OWN ~ my heart melted

So simple So sweet but it means so much

She did this for the first time ever a month ago and hasn’t said it again .

Sometimes with autism that just happens something unexpected pops up and disappears just as fast sometimes never to be seen or heard again , or it can be a long time in between .

Later after dinner I asked her did you out with auntie and she nodded and signed yes. I asked her where did you go and she said beach

She has never been able to recall , or maybe she has but couldn’t communicate it

Either way it’s progress and it’s opening the door just a little bit more .


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