Show prep

Alyssa is at dance class / rehearsal . She wore a mask and let me put something new in her hair . I wasn’t sure how she would do since she hasn’t been in person since March and her virtual class ended at the end of May .

The recital was postponed and will be on Saturday . We just doing out this week . They rented a stage and tent and are doing it the parking lot .

I am not sure how she will do but since the stage is done and set up they got to practice on it . She did great and I think she will just fine for the performance .

I still have my guard up it is instilled in me

I am so excited she is going to be able to participate in this .

Two years ago I would say no way

And now she is going to be dancing on the stage

I am excited

I was one of my broken dreams

I know it’s silly in the grand scheme of things but it was one of the things I assumed she would do To dance on stage like I did growing up

Now she is doing it .

Now it’s a new dream that I didn’t think would be possible I didn’t even know how dance class would go but she loves it and does so good .

It might not be the way I envisioned but I don’t care .

She is breaking down yet another barrier

It should I say dancing through it

I will be sharing videos and pictures on Saturday.




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