This girl never ceases to suprise me . She had been out of school since March . This is not something I do with her and she had zero prompts doing this ,

The only reason I even thought to see if she could do this is because during a video chat with school last week , they were asking the date a lot of the others are verbal so they can answer . I had her use her iPad because it had a calendar folder in it .

So she had pressed June and then the 4 but their was so much calling out and confusion that she must of heard it . I was still impressed they she pressed it .

Months and dates are pretty abstract for her . We don’t have a calendar hanging in the house or anything and it’s not something we work on . I figured it could be coincidental .

I kind of forgot about it . Then tonight I decided let me double check and see if she knows , I figured I could model it for her .
She might remember June from the other day , maybe

I have Proloquo2Go on my phone and the calendar had all the options . Month ,day of the week , number folder and year .

Tonight I call her over and see if she could show me the date . I mean there us no way she could no the date . That’s crazy

She comes over and I ask her to show us what today is . She hits Tuesday … then June .. opens the number file and hits 9 and then 2020.

What ?! I have no idea how she knew that .

I am shocked . How does she know it’s Tuesday when I barely know ?
And she knew the exact date

Presume competence


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