Bright spot

When your daughter’s sleep schedule is messed up , so Is yours .

I woke up from a nap at almost midnight

Alyssa went to bed at 730am and I woke her up at 230.

I need to get her back on a normal sleep schedule , somehow

I am hoping that if will help her get back to herself .

This is the longest she has been out of school ever .

I hate seeing old behaviors coming back .

Although on a positive note
She has had a much better day today .

She is still up but she is laying in her room with her tiger and I can hear her saying Ti-Ti Ti-Ti
And saying nigh-night nigh night

She is doing some pretend play and patting the tiger and hugging him , it’s not a concept she’s really been able to grasp .

She practicing her sounds on her own 🙌

We have to try to find the bright spots , even in the dark
( or the middle of the night )

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