Well Alyssa is walking all over the house – yes at almost 2 am ! Not too unusual for her to be up at this time but she usually is on her iPad relaxed. She is storming all over the place and I am asking her do you want something to eat . No
a popsicle NO . Okay does something hurt ? No No . She says it so fresh too . Clearly something is bothering her or she wants something .

But what ?? Do you want to show me with your iPad ? Noooo. Okay
She grunting , groaning stomping

It’s so frustrating for both of us . She comes over and I think she is grabbing her IPad . But there is a picture on the shelf near her iPad that she is pushing towards me . It fell of the wall earlier when a door slammed .

This was her problem the whole time . The picture was not where it was supposed to be and it was near her IPad .

This is what is so hard with nonverbal … sometimes you never figure it out .

She is happy as pie now

Now if she will just go to sleep

She keeps coming out to have me pet her tiger 😳.

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