Sounds with attitude

Sounds with attitude

This was Alyssa today during speech . I didn’t dare try to video her and push her over the edge .

She was doing well with the virtual speech , she even seems to like it.

Not today

She was cooperating but every sound she made , there was attitude in it . I wish I recorded because it was kind of funny .

She got so upset because a word wasn’t on her device . Like really mad . There is a search option that you can look up words and find them or add them in . It angered her but at the same time she is compelled to complete the task . She can not complete the task without adding it in . It’s like her brain works against her sometimes. Even though we told her it was ok that she didn’t have to find it , we could skip it . Her brain can not process that.

This is the third day in row she is having a hard time . I don’t know what to do .

Leave her alone ?
Try to engage her ?

She doesn’t want to eat either .
She said No and stormed away

She is normally so laid back and genuinely happy .

I hate seeing her like this .

It’s like she is on edge . Like minor things are setting her off .

Of course she can have a bad day ,but three in a row is a lot.

I know it’s partially her sleep.

Lack of routine

Hopefully her day will turn around .





Picture is from a previous session

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