Alyssa made a verbal request unprompted at dinner ! She has been consistently using words , mostly prompted or repeated . She has apraxia and a lot of it is unclear but it becoming clearer. It still is very hard for her to initiate words even ones that she can say clearly .

We are having dinner ,just noodles with gravy and my husband got up and got me more and then asked her if she wanted more she nodded yes . He got her more and put it down and she looked at him and said pepper and pointed to he plate . We were shocked . Unprompted …. independently said a word for a request .

Alyssa is extremely prompt dependent and she always waits for cues and prompts to do anything . This is an effect of years of behavior therapy .

She won’t leave the table even if we are already done she will sit and wait for you to ask her All Done , and she will nod and sometimes sign all done and get up and throw her plate away . I have been trying to break this for so long but it’s so ingrained in her .

Tonight she said all done and signed it and got up and threw her plate away . She has done this two other times this week .

She is growing and learning , this is a such a break through for her .

She has broken down so many barriers these past two years .

So many cant’s have turned to cans

Do not ever let anyone tell you that your child can’t or will never .

Autism is not a one size fits all and only time will tell .

Life long learners

Advocate, teach , love , and believe

Follow your heart , your instincts and most of all never give up 💙💙💙💙💙💙


mom let me eat

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