More please

We are sitting at the table finishing up dinner , Alyssa eats super slow so she is still eating and me and Neil are chatting . Alyssa has always been completely non verbal until about 2 years ago . When I say non verbal I mean no words , and a few word approximations, a couple of sounds that’s it . The past year or two words are coming but not used for communication.

She can repeat a lot of sounds , can try a lot of words but a lot are unclear but she will try . She doesn’t really use the words unprompted. Except no lol .

The other day she was at the table eating cereal and she finished and I was on the couch and heard her say eat . She wanted more cereal.
That is one if not the first time she initiated a word functionally on her own !!

So tonight she is eating her dinner and she says more please like three times .. It took a minute to register so I look and she still has food . I said to her more what ? She points to her cup and I again say you want more ? And she nods yes , she wanted more chocolate milk I couldn’t believe it!
Just her attempting and saying words is so amazingly, after years and years of no words . Her initiating anything is huge , words even though so simple is mind blowing . You hope and you pray , you wish and you dream ; but I accepted it will never happen .

There is a good chance she won’t but now there is a chance she will . This is the door opening a little more when you least expect it . We had to really tough days which I will write about as well but this was just amazing . My heart is full and the best part is how proud she is of herself . She is laying down happy and relaxed now , it’s so nice to see after two days of deregulation .




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