Autism awareness

Today is world autism awareness day ! I almost forgot amidst all the craziness going on in the world right now . It is so important to advocate and educate . Having a child with autism is a an emotional rollercoaster . You go through so many different emotions ~ denial , anger , grief , saddened acceptance , pride , joy and it cycles through again and again . Everyone goes through these emotions and it is okay. It takes some people longer than others to process and accept . There is so many variations and degrees of severity . Your feelings are valid. Alyssa is 23 for the most part I am through the hardest part . I can’t say I would will ever truly 100 percent accept it . Intellectually I do , but in my heart I can’t truly do it .

Most days I forget , I forget she has autism. She’s just her , my daughter Lulu we call her . I don’t even think about it . I just walk in house and she greets me with her smile , her infectious laugh and it warms my heart . She is so funny and smart and sweet . She is course has her other side and it’s not so cute but it is mostly manageable . Other times I look at her and my heart shatters . Why her ? Why my baby girl , it’s just so unfair . She has to miss out on so much . I know in my heart I am blessed it could be so much worse and I am constantly reminded of that .

She’s brings us so much joy . The simplest things make her so happy . We are just over joyed at every milestone she makes , no matter how small . She had surpassed every prediction that has ever made for her . She gets so proud and tries so hard and she loves when we get excited !!

It’s been a hard road but I’ll never give up her .



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