Last night after dinner I went to have a cookie and I looked at Alyssa who was sitting at the table . Now normally I would say Do you want a cookie and she would nod /sign yes , and then I might say -say cookie , and she will say cookie . She says it really good but needs prompting . So I decided to get pushy and greedy , and after she said cookie I said say I want cookie . She then said I cookie , and then I said I want cookie and then she said I want and then just looked at me .

It’s sounds so simple but this is so difficult for her . You can see how much she has to concentrate . She just kept looking but couldn’t say it. So I tried again and prompted the I ( I put my hand on my chest for I ) She then said I wan Cookie !!! She did it she said a sentence 🙌 I know I had to prompt but a sentence ? That’s three words together ~ First time ever 💙💙💙. I will try it again today and try to video it




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