Trick or treat

Trick or Treat -My witch did great !

She allowed her costume to be put in her back pack -a win
She wore her costume home from school.

I would never predict that . She did great trick or treating . She went with her sisters and her cousin .

Later that night we got food and when she was eating she choked a little on a buffalo tender and I don’t know what happened but she freaked out . I think she for scared and she started screaming and she tried to go after her sister ( Lexi ) which she Never does .

She sat down and was yelling and crying and she started slapping her arms like really hard , then she’s upset because they hurt and are hot.
She then started to hit her face which I told her not to do . She was just so upset and couldn’t calm down . It’s so hard seeing her so upset and out of control . She is usually so happy and good natured and I saw behaviors I haven’t seen in over a year . She
Eventually calmed down . It’s always lurking in the corner just so you can’t keep your guard fully down . Overall she did great just a little mystery mishap .

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